Thursday, September 25, 2008

PM Prachanda's Commitment to Democracy Sep 25 08: (emphasis in bold are mine)

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is currently in the US to attend the United Nations General Assembly, has tried to assure the world leaders of his government's commitment to democracy and adopt liberal economy.

According to Reuters, PM Dahal while making a speech in New York said he wanted to clarify his month-old government's plans to take the country to the path of development.

He attempted to assure the skeptics who fear one-party communist rule in Nepal as the former rebellions lead the government.

"There is serious confusion and misunderstanding about our overall position in terms of economic development," he told the gathering of Asia Society, adding, "We are not fighting against the capitalistic mode of production."

He further said government was committed to the peace process and to democracy, while trying to raise living standards of the people.

"We are in a democratic phase and we are going to apply the democratic form of government -- it is quite clear," he added.

PM Dahal added Nepal is in the path to tap the opportunity from fast growing economies in India and China and to create an environment for rapid growth and distributive justice.

Comments: While the PM is "trying" to reassure all and sundry, he emphasizes that the country is in a "democratic phase". Now when would this "phase" end and what would it lead to? Obvious conjecture - the final "phase" of a communist dictatorship. I hope people. who believe in democracy, have the guts to call a spade a spade.



Libre said...

The funny thing is, Prachanda and gang have always consistently told the world what it is they have in mind. And the freaking idiots who were running Nepal always made excuses on the Maoists behalf.. even when the Maoists were saying exactly what they wanted to do.

Now the Maoists are executing and the others are weeping and watching.

It's all very entertaining.

HORATIO said...

Well put, libre. These freaking idiots will never learn, until they get hit over their noggins with the hammer and the sickle shoved up you know where!

Anonymous said...

"Prachanda's commitment to democracy"? isn't that an oxymoron along the lines of "Hitler commitment to ethnic rights" or "Stalin's commitment to regional autonomy" or "Iran's commitment to religious freedom" or "North Koreas commitment to a plural society".