Friday, September 12, 2008



The purpose of this site is to hold in one consolidated place items of interest to you. I have been sharing with you jokes, some a bit too racy I admit, as well as various items - political and others. I intend to place these now in this site. You can visit it whenever you like and contribute to it too. I am sure you will all be happy not to be bombarded by my e-mails anymore.

Best Wishes,


HORATIO said...

I'd really appreciate receiving feedback from those to whom I have sent the link to this site.

Govind said...

Hi Horatio.
Now why on earth was this name chosen,from Shakespeare`s Hamlet?
"Are there more mysteries in this world ,Horatio, than are dreamnt of in your philosophy?"

HORATIO said...

Hi Govind!
Yes, Horatio was Hamlet's wise and stalwart friend. The name also means "HARBINGER OF TRUTH". And we need a lot more Truth around here, don't you think?

Mukunda said...

a good start.

fictionpark said...

Hi Horatio,

Why have you stopped writing? or posting?