Monday, September 15, 2008

Dance restaurants & Cyber cafes

The Home Ministry appears to have initiated a crusade against dance restaurants in Kathmandu by harrassing them with constant raids. In protest, dance restaurant workers were out in the streets yesterday. The Home Ministry had better concentrate on the deteriorating law and order and in increasing the morale and effectiveness of the Police Force. And if it really wants to stop dance restaurants from having dancers, it should provide them with immediate employment in what it considers "clean" jobs.

Similarly, a hue and cry is being raised about people using cyber cafes to download pornography. Closing cyber cafes is not the solution. These cafes can put in filters, such as those used in many offices, where certain cites cannot be accessed. Just because a few want to get their rocks off in cyber cafes, the majority who use these cafes (not having access to computers elsewhere)to communicate and to learn from the internet must not have to suffer.


Anonymous said...

The problem is in both supply and demand and as long as the demand is there the oldest profession will flourish-legal or not.I think the best would be to legalize prostitution and have red light areas so that women are not exploited pay tax and given treatment and advise about STIs.
Its better for them to work here than be exploited amd returned with a HIV tag from India or abroad.

HORATIO said...

Excellent idea, Govind. I wonder what the position of the Hindu religion is on the oldest profession.

Anonymous said...

Hi Horatio.
Looks like this is a dialogue between Horatio and his friend Hamlet!Where is the input from other guys??
Nepal being a secular and multi ethnic state what has Hindu religion got to do with it?The erotic carvings in temples here and in India show how liberal our ancestors were regarding sex!