Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Take on Current Indian Blockade

As I see it:

There is a blockade of essential goods coming into Nepal from India. Sure, it may be "unofficial" but there is no denying the reality of it. Rumour has it that things will improve when Mr. Modi returns to India from the US, today perhaps. Others link the blockade to a flexing of muscles by the politicians in Bihar, where elections - to conclude, by phases, on 5 Nov only - are underway and they want to look strong; apparently 80% of Nepali Madhesis are from Bihar.

On the home front, I do not see any serious dialogue between the government and the Terai parties yet. The former has to push for this; the latter needs to cease hiding behind Bihari dhotis.

Meanwhile, rationing of petroleum products is operational. Prices of food products have risen. There is a cloud of anti-Indian phobia across the land. Since yesterday, all Indian TV channels have been blocked out here.

Unfortunately, the Tatopani border point with China is still not operational after the earthquake's devastation. So essential goods not yet forthcoming from our Chinese friends.

Still a work in progress. Let us see who comes to their senses first!

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