Monday, September 7, 2015

21st September & Beyond

I understand that the new constitution will be promulgated on Monday, 21 Sept. 2015 by the bumbling leaders (and I use the word with distaste) of the three parties - Nepali Congress, United Marxist-Leninist, and United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists).

NC takes pride in being the party which brought democracy to Nepal. That was when the astute visionary B.P. Koirala led the party. His youngest brother, the late Girija, left behind a hollow party sans principle sans direction. Its present leader and PM, another Koirala, is a septuagenarian suffering serous health problems.

The UML is neither united, Marxist or Leninist; at best it is mildly socialist, straddling the political fence between the NC and Maoists.

The Maoists are now divided into three factions: Prachanda's (UCPN-M); Baidya's, the more doctrinaire faction; and Chand's, which is the far left and even espouses armed rebellion once again. The first faction has the money, and money talks. The other two factions boycotted the last CA elections in protest and now want to flex their unelected muscles.

But it is the Sushil Koirala, KP Oli and PK Dahal troika who are in the process of coming out with a secular 7-state model constitution. Should they have the short-sighted hubris to do so, the constitution will be opposed by the Terai-based political parties, the Janajatis (inigenous ethnic groups) and the forces calling for a Sanatan Hindu state.  Reasons for this are already discussed in previous blogs. Women's groups aso have representational issues with the constitution draft. Why, many CA members of the three high-handed parties are opposing the current draft.

About two weeks still remain till "D-day". Whether the constitution will land safely in the mountains, valleys and plains of Nepal or whether this country will go up in the flames of religious and ethnic strife depends on how well the three oligarchs and their henchmen read the situation and prepare and plan. A pity I don't see the likes of Churchill or Eisenhower among them! 


Subodh Rana said...

We arent yet at war to see leaders such as Churchill or Ike to emerge, what will likely emerge out of this morass is a Napoleon (I am not mentioning Junge in deference to our ununited nation who would take it as an insult to the new Nepal)

Birat Simha said...

YChurchill and Eisenhower mentioned only as corollary to the D-Day concept. Napoleon or Jung Bahadur are likely out of the scenario too given the current smorgasbord.. The qualifications of the needed person, in my opinion, are: has good grasp of political economy, excellent judgement, charismatic leadership, incorruptible, age not to exceed 55. I really do think there are people like this around. They just need to come out formtv he woodwork.