Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thoughts in the morning of 28 May 2011 (as written in FaceBook)

7.15 am in Kathmandu. CA term lapses at midnight today. A soothing rain is falling, an auspicious sign in Nepal. RPP-N rally begins at noon. Listening to 103.6 FM interview programme. Deadbeat politicians implying that non-extension of the CA, per se, would create an Emergency thereby allowing 6 months extension. They MUST NOT get away with fooling us, the PEOPLE, again!!! Lord Pashupatinath watches us closely today.

"Ma mare' pani mero Desh banchi rahos" playing on the radio. Something to think about very seriously today.

"जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपी गरियसी” (जन्म दिने आमा र जन्मभूमि स्वर्ग भन्दा पनि प्यारो हुन्छ।) Do the leaders of the 3 big parties remember this as they continue chattering away fooling us that they are trying to reach consensus? They had three years to reach consensus. The next 15 hours will make no difference. CA cannot be extended legally. Period. Stop your consensus talk, go home, and enjoy your Saturday.

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