Saturday, May 28, 2011

Proposals for Post-28 May 2011

Let us observe the Fourth Republic Day of Nepal, 29 May 2011, appropriately by starting a 'Thappadtantrik' initiative, since 'Loktantrik' has not worked.

Simple procedure for this initiative - (a) spot a CA member who voted for this futile 3 months extension; (b) ask him/her why he/she voted in that manner; (c) if you are not satisfied with the answer, SLAP the honourable member (number of slaps to be determined by the level of stupidity of the answer).

Be prepared to be arrested. The arrest will be your badge of honour.

Besides civil protests, whether they be on cheeks or from the streets, let us also now MONITOR every member of the CA on their performance, on a daily basis. A "CA Watch" needs to be urgently established for this purpose. Let us not take this travesty of democracy and peoples' rights lying down. They are there to serve us, the People, let us make sure they do so.

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