Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nepal Army versus Nepal Government

Two glaringly annoying headlines face me today: "Government intent on taking action against Chief of Army Staff" and "Army trashes coup rumours".

Why is the Nepal Army (NA) presenting such a chicken-hearted front? The government asked the COAS for explanation on three issues. The COAS gave perfectly well-reasoned valid explanation. If the Maoists still want to sack him, isn't it time the NA dared them to? Let the rumours fly and scare the daylights out of those who would dismantle the only remaining institution in Nepal preventing a fledgling democracy from turning into a one-party communist dictatorship. Isn't there something in the oath that NA personnel take saying they will lay down their lives for the sovereignty of the nation? Has this been conveniently forgotten by some of these bribe-bloated generals?

If Lt. Gen. Khadka has sided with the Maoists and stabbed the NA in the back, why is he still strutting around instead of being court martialled? It is time for the NA to draw the famous "laxman rekha". "Mess with us and you will get it" - this should be the motto, not "trashing rumours", for heaven's sake.

Doesn't anyone have a backbone in this beleaguered country?


Anonymous said...

You are on target!!! It is time.

Nepal has been characterized by unpredictability and I wont be surprised if this gets resolved in ways we never thought about.

Subodh said...

The Army would not provide the "horse" to the beleaguered kingdom and now their own time is up, I guess!

HORATIO said...

If the army's "time is up", so is ours. Better start packing.

HORATIO said...

I don't usually post 2 comments in a row, but this time it is warranted. Just read this:

UML has proposed making the third-in-line of the army Chhatra Man Singh Gurung the new army chief and have defense minister Ram Bahadur Thapa resign from his post., it is learnt. NC is expected to support this plan and coax the incumbent CoAS Katawal to resign if it works out. Apr 27 09

But what is the rationale for "coaxing" Katwal to resign. If this happens, every officer in the NA will know that their future lies not in their professional competence but on how well they lick the political asses!!

Anonymous said...

It will be difficult for the army to stage a coup-as they have never done it,and they are used to an easy life !
The Generals and colonels are not made of the stern stuff. And the country is so reliant in foreign aid and goodwill .

Anonymous said...

Nepal Army-Government tussle is just a conspiracy to foil the signing of an 'Extradition Treaty' with China. This idea is designed by the RAW and supported by the international players/agencies-security and religious.
Extradition Treaty had to be signed during PKD's China visit. Once the treaty is signed China would have in a position to ask anti-China conspirators in Nepal. They have a list of each and every name of the conspirators playing in Nepal against it. Signing of the Treaty might have ended the continued anti-China conspiracy in Nepal. Thus, PKD's visit had to be cancelled at any cost but how?
Small thing cannot become an excuse of cancellation.
UML and Nepali Congress will be ready to accept the replacement of CoAS Katwal with even the third or fourth in order. Their mouths will be tight zipped by the RAW through the Indian Ambassador. However, it does not matter if CoAS is sacked or not, the visit has cancelled and the Extradition Treaty was not signed. (What a great conspiracy!)

Bishal Shah