Saturday, April 11, 2009

By-Elections: Maoists win 3 seats, remaining 3 won by UML, NC, MJF

The Maoists have done it again! They have taken 50% of the by-election seats. They won in Rolpa, taking the seat vacated by PM Prachanda. Amazingly, they also won in Kanchanpur, taking the seat vacated by Nepali Congress leader Sher Bdr Deuba. For those of us taken aback by the Maoists victory a year ago and who have not seen the current Maoist-led government achieve much, if anything, the continued success of the Maoist Party raises a number of questions:

1. Are the other parties simply too disorganized and clue-less to offer a viable challenge to the Maoists?
2. Is the Maoist party election mechanism just too strong to be overcome?
3. Do the people who voted for the Maoists realize what a communist party is? Have they assessed the success, or lack thereof, of the current government?

These 6 seats were to provide the limus test as to whether the other parties, and especially the so-called opposition NC, had learnt their lessons well from April 2009. They have failed abysmally, proving beyond doubt that they are incapable of learning anything.

If there is to be a "democratic front" to challenge the Maoists, NC - with its current leadership and organization - does not have the vision or ability to lead it. Those who want to partner NC to form this alliance are living in a fool's paradise. The time has come for serious thought on the forming of a democratic alliance. Otherwise, let us resign ourselves to a People's Democratic Republic of Nepal. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Power comes from the barrel of a gun.
Who has the power and the gun (Defence Ministry) in Nepal?
So, why the surprise?

Subodh said...

Henry Kissinger once remarked, "We (meaning the Americans) cannot let a country go Communist because of the stupidity of its own people." Sure Nepalese will vote in the Communists, any surprise there? The Americans and the international community gave them the mandate, the age of Kissinger is over I guess.

Anonymous said...

Maoists have won 3/6 seats and will definitely win many more with the vote banking through fiscal give aways.

Anonymous said...

In Monarch's absence, it is even more likely that Nepal will become the People's Republic. Nepali Congress is losing ground, slowly eroding. What is NC's philosophy?
To check the ultra leftists, people have no choice other than to go for the Referendum. It is also the people's rights to have their say heard. Why should we become the victim of Nepali Congressi's past misdeeds?
Internally, NC is no more a party without Girija Prasad Koirala. He could snatch the MJF's seat whereas Sher Bahadur Deuba's seat has gone to Maoist and President's seat has gone to UML. It is very clear that Nepali Congress has no future and it will die together with Girija Prasad Koirala. Monarchy and the rightist force needs to join hands to stop Nepal becoming Cambodia of Pol Pot or Taliban Afghanistan. Unfortunately, international community is keenly waiting to see Nepal, Pol Pot Cambodia and Taliban Afghanistan, a failed state to escalate their games.

By rightist force, please consider it as the true nationalists/patriots and hindu/buddhist people. Monarchy with this force is the only remedy to Nepal's future course directed towards People's Republic. NC has no option than to demand Referendum to resurrect Monarcy or work to reactivate 1990 Constitution with some amendmend to make itself and democracy survive. NC must know the pluralism in Nepal can survive only under the guardianship of Constitutional Monarchy.

I would also like to wish each and everyone for the happiness and prosperity. Happy New Year, 2066.

Bishal Shah, NY.

HORATIO said...

Anon 9:12, Mao's cliched quote about power and the barrel of a gun is not quite applicable in this case.

"Gun power" is still with the Nepal Army; and the Defense Ministry and the NA do not see eye-to-eye on issues ranging from the integration of the Maoist combatants into the NA to the case of the 8 retired major generals.