Sunday, November 2, 2008

US Presidential Elections, 4th November

Apologies for the 12 days of silence, just in case anyone visited this site. Was away on a brief trip to India, in places where internet connectivity was not always available and I have an aversion to cyber cafes.

48 hours remain for the United States to elect a new President. The possibility of the first African-American in the White House is very real (Obama's mother was white, father Kenyan). 25 years separate the ages of Obama and McCain, a real generation gap. Obama purports to be the voice of change accusing McCain of being a Bush clone. McCain derides Obama's lack of experience (compared to himself). Currently Obama leads McCain by 6 points but the race is expected to be tight.

Nepal, of course, counts for little in these guys' politics. I doubt either could place Nepal on the global map without moving their finger all over Asia. Of course both are for freedom and democracy and against authoritarianism of any sort. I hope they (whoever wins) walk the talk when it comes to Nepal.


Mukunda said... - must watch

HORATIO said...

Thanks, Mukunda. If those guys can be Prez as well as they dance, the US may still be in good shape.

Anonymous said...

If Obama loses, we'll know democracy is broken in the US. If McCain wins, we'll know America isn't DC, NYC, LA or San Fran.

Either way, for those of us who cannot vote, it is amusing watching the bandwagon of Nepalis abroad who are in the same boat as us, but insist on advocating for Obama.

Similar to Nepali youngsters who believe fraternizing with our maoists is the "hip" thing to do. Then they turn right around and human rights are inalienable and universal.

Ironic, no?

Bishal said...

Birat Dai,

The Election 2008 is now almost close. There will be a tight race. Majority of this country is white. I strongly believe, Mccain will win the race though pollsters are in favor of Obama.
Besides being a white, Mccain is a veteran and has so many better qualities than Obama. Obama's call for change is not going to buy anything.
This time, whoever wins Florida and Pennsylvania wins the race (This is my personal study).
I request you not to drop your blog.