Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Murder Unbecoming

Kathmandu is closed down today with protests against the murder of two youths allegedly by the Maoist youth wing - YCL. Further, the UML claims that the two youths belonged to its youth wing.

I remember a time, when I could call myself a youth, when a killing in Nepal would cause a national furor. Of course those were the days when Kathmandu was not polluted, tourism was in a nascent state, the NC was outlawed (sic), law and order was not even an issue, and, yes, there was no democracy either (but that's a Pandora's box not within the purview of this blog).

So, on the current "bandh"...two political murders, a "high-level" commission set up by the Home Minister to investigate...the capital closed down, which is not a rarity. But this time, let the Government (1) come out quickly with a definitive result of their investigation and bring the murderers to justice, and (2) let all justice-loving Nepalis support this protest - it is not only the YCL and Maoists who have a monopoly of the streets.


Subodh Rana said...

and 3) Let my tourists pass peacefully from the airport to the Hyatt ! I have 70 of them coming today.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop our country, Nepal becoming a place of murderers. It is the people who can do that. However, Nepali People who are more on the experimentation with different political systems is now experimenting with the new type of People's Republic for the New Nepal.
BP Koirala knew that no government comes from the so called election can control any kinds of mobs, violent protests, strikes, sadak bandhs, terrorisms, corruption, pulling government down for the personal benefits, civil strives, external pressures for their interests and this ultimately lead to disintegration of Nepal. Knowing this , BP Koirala himself suggested late King Mahendra to change the mode of parlimentary democracy into the system of benevolent monarchy. BP Koirala suggested King Mahendra that Nepal's political system of Constitutional Monarchy (Parliamentary Democracy) will never function properly like in UK.
The above lines are not mine. I have heard these words from HRH Basundhara Bir Bikram Shah Dev and Field Marshal then Ambassador Kiran SJB Rana.
These two personalities were talking about the politics of UK and comparing that to Nepal's parliamentary practices of 60s. I was just passing by them to go out of the room to reach the friends of my age for a football game just outside the Embassy premises. I believe those young friends were the sons of Mr. Bhanu Prasad Thapalia. I cannot recall exactly because I was very new to London that time and did not stay for a longer. I was about to pass HRH Basundhara and HE Kiran SJB Rana, one of them told me to join for a breakfast. Since I was a very young teen age boy, they did not take care of me and continued discussing on the British style Political System and kept on comparing with that of Nepal's system and also criticising palace staffs for wrongly advising late King Birendra. These two personalities changed the topics when they saw Mrs. Tara Simha and Mr. Prasiddha SJB Rana are approaching closer. (I believe, Mrs. Tara Simha is the blogger Mr. Birat Simha's sister-in-law, General Bharat Keshar's wife and Mr. Prasiddha Rana is HE Ambassador's elder son).
The above reference which says of BP Koirala's suggestion to King Mahendra for the benevolent monarchy clearly indicates that King Mahendra acted upon the advice of BP Koirala to dismantle the Parlimentary practices of 1960s. I also heard the same views from HE Ambassador Kalyan Bikram Adhikari in Paris, France on 1992.
It is now open secret for all that King Mahendra was finalising the draft of the new constitution based on political pluralism while surving his last days in Diyalo Bangala in Chitwan. That draft, I believe is still with Queen Mother Ratna Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah. Thus, King Mahendra is never a dictator. He is nationalist and wished to do everything for the nation and the people of Nepal. In stead of blaming him, we need to salute King Mahendra for protecting us from falling into the Sikkimese people's status. We must remember, we are now proud Nepalese because of King Mahendra's contribution and dedication. King Mahendra used to work whole nights for the betterment of Nepalese and the independent and sovereign Nepal. He made an equal effort like that of Great King Pritvi Narayan Shah. Great King gave us Nepal and the King Mahendra made us proud Nepali.
Now coming to main point, why BP's envision of benevolent monarchy is so important and the life for Nepal in today's contexts? Without the guardian BP knew we might fall prey. Why he said "my neck is attached with a neck of a Monarch"? What is happening now? We don't have our guardian and we are almost falling under prey. Mess- every where, no one is there to clear, no sense of security at all. Anyone can loose a business any time, anyone can loose a life anytime. Each and every one is attached to the parties and gangsters. Nepal's present environment is clearly the pre-Bolshevik takeover of Soviet Union and the pre-Khemere Rouge takeover of Cambodia. There is not even a slightest distiction from any stand point. Nepalese people need their guardian very urgently back to his own place. Nepal and Nepalese might fall prey otherwise and for sure.
Lets not wait to protect Nepal and Nepalese. Lets do something for the Motherland Nepal. Awake Nepalese! awake for the nation! You are the bravest, awake for Nepal.

Jaya Matribhumi Nepal!

Bishal Shah
New York

Anonymous said...

I cannot for my life believe BP could have induced King Mahendra to do the coup of `60.Its like the victim of a murder asking to be killed-absolute rubbish!Don`t add insult to injury to that great man please.The gentlemen who divulged this must be a little too fond of their Scotch or the listener must be quoting them out of context!
The nation is in crisis now because of that coup as it never had chance to grow mature politically and thrash out its differences earlier.

Bishal said...

Whoever has commented on my disclosure of truth, I have nothing to say. Still, let me remind him and the people who does not want to believe me, whatever I have written is absolutely correct. For BP Koirala, Nepal has always remained on top of all. Democracy has never been difficult for BP to achieve once the nation had been put to safer side at first. Those who do not believe me, I request them to read the book published by Justice Ganesh Raj Sharma. A word by word spelled by BP Koirala.
The great leader BP was expecting to become Prime Minister during King Birendra's absolute rule. He was waiting with all his heart a call from the late King Birendra. BP knew he can convince the late King and reestablish multiparty democracy. Why was he expecting that is very clear. Then the Nepal had no external threat as that of 1960s. However, again, the Palace Secretariat officials plus former corrupt Panchas did not make that happen which was definitely a blow to our democracy with the nationalism admixtures.
I have a question, why Krishna Prasad Bhattarai preferred the importance of Nepal, Nationalism and Monarchy than democracy? He was definitely following the footsteps of BP Koirala. He had accepted this on several occasions. Democracy is for Nepal and the Nepali people. What is democracy for when there are no Nepal and Nepali people? We are at the point of having no Nepal and Nepali people. We all are divided. Anytime anything can happen. Lets think about who can unite the people and protect the sovereignty of Nepal.
Don't even think the followers of GP Koirala or the guns of the Maoists can save our Nepal. We need the rebirth of nationalist King Mahendra. Nation is more precious than the democracy or the republic. I am confident, no one differs from my this point.
We have already witnessed how the Federal Democratic Republic Nepal's Government functions. The driver of the newly divised Federal System, Mr. PK Dahal alias Prachanda only loves to drive his family on a foreign tour. This is how others will follow suit. Nepali people will remain at the same place like they stayed after the advent of multiparty democracy of 1990. God will never bless Nepal and Nepalese unless they try to be blessed. Wake up my fellow Nepali brothers and sisters for a blessings you deserve.

Jaya Matribhumi Nepal!

Bishal Shah (New York)

HORATIO said...

Very interesting dialogue, Bishal and Anon 7:35.

As far as I am concerned, B.P. Koirala - the first elected PM of Nepal - never wavered from the twin pillars of democracy and monarchy. If his sibling and his party had not forgotten this, they would not be in the political jungle they are in now.

Anonymous said...

Oh stop this ranting,Bishal,as Mark Twain said,"the last refuge of a scoundrel is nationalism."Of What use is nationalism if your basic needs are unfulfilled and the majority are below the poverty line-a nation considered by many a third world amongst third worlds.
Its feels good to be writing all this from the comforts of New York, doesn`t it?.
If you feel so much for the country I humbly request you to come here and make a difference.And please keep your replies short and to the point.

Bishal said...

It is better to be a scoundrel with a heart for a nation than the democrats with the hearts for the foreigners (This is not a quotation by Mark Twain. This is my personal belief). I am also with the conviction that wherever you are, if you want to serve your nation you can. It is better to be far away from your nation and try to serve her rather than taking refuge in a nation and take every opportunity to destroy her. And destroying a country in the name of democracy? Oh no! What sort of democracy is this? I rather prefer to be a scoundrel and nationalist with a love to my mother-land than to be a democrat in just a name not in practice.
Today's political accident in Nepal is not the creation of King Mahendra. This is the situation brought by the only so called democratic party Nepali Congress which compromised its principles with the Maoists and which sold Nepal's soul to India in order to come back in power. One cannot blame only to Girija Prasad Koirala but all of the Nepali Congress leaders must share the blame. Therefore, neither the King Mahendra's coup nor King Gyanendra's actions are responsible to bringing about the present miseries of Nepal. It is the mismanagement of Nepali Congress made all Nepalese to fall victims, economically and politically. Thus, Nepali Congress is the number one culprit. This Nepali Congress is trying to take refuge under the disguise of democracy and destroying all we had from centuries- tradition, culture, religion, economy and above all the dignity of the nation and the people of Nepal.

Bishal Shah
New York,

Anonymous said...

So how are you serving your nation Bishal-by painting everyone black except the King ? You`ll need a lot of ink to do that.
Nepalese monarchs did not change with the times and the last one was forever living in the past-his father`s time. And time and not the Congress or the Maoist was the biggest enemy of that institution.A useful medicine can become poisonous when it is date expired. So lets not cry over spilt milk, Bishal, but think and do things that unite us rather than divide us.