Sunday, October 12, 2008

India is needed even to transport CA memebrs to their jobs

We need Indian buses to ensure our CA members reach their place of work. What bloody nonsense!! Please see story below.

CA members miffed at 'Indian arrangement' for them

Constituent Assembly (CA) members have expressed dissatisfaction over the use of buses gifted by India for the purpose of transporting CA members to and from the International Conventional Center (ICC), reports Kantipur daily.

Amrita Thapa, a CA member from the CPN (Maoist) party, told the daily, Saturday, that she is saddened looking at sheer helplessness of the country where even buses to ferry CA members are provided by a foreign country.

"I don't know through what channel the Indian vehicle assistance came, but after reading the news about it, I felt bad," Thapa, who commutes to the CA venue on her own scooter, said.

On September 22, the Indian government had gifted five 32-seater buses worth Rs 5.5 million for the purpose of transporting CA members.

Indian ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood had handed over the keys of the buses emblazoned with Nepal and India flags to CA chairman Subas Nemwang during a ceremony organised at the ICC.

"The buses had been provided in response to a request from the Constituent Assembly (CA) and Legislature-Parliament Secretariat for movement of Hon'ble CA Members and are expected to augment the logistics of the Secretariat to help CA in its smooth functioning," the Indian embassy said in a statement.

UML lawmaker Rabindra Adhikari expressed surprise, in his own words, at the "state's inability" to make a minor arrangement such as transportation for the country's constitution drafters.

He said it is absolutely wrong to look up to foreign countries for such a small matter, and added that this would only work to give more impetus to the public anxiety over the growing Indian influence in Nepal.

Similarly, Nepali Congress lawmaker Gagan Thapa said that the state is responsible towards making all the necessary arrangements for the CA members including transportations.

"Agencies formed to draft the new constitution including constitutional bodies shouldn't take direct assistance from any foreign countries. Only the government can accept such assistance," he told Kantipur. Oct 12 08


govind said...

Beggars can`t be choosers,Horatio!!Either you put up the money for the buses or shut up-or better ask the Chinese for buses to transport the communists and ask the Indians buses for the Congressis.

HORATIO said...

Govind, our Samsads need to lead by example. Kathmandu is small enough to get anywhere on a bike or by walking. We don't need buses - Indian, Chinese or Japanese!

I am for banning all fuel using vehicles from inside the ring road. Let's clean up this polluted city.

Anonymous said...

We rant and rave against Indian hegemony, but we want scholarships for our children there, financial assistance, health care and yes, CA buses; how highly placed in their opinion our politicos must be! Jai Hind

HORATIO said...

Amen to that, Anon 6:58.

Scholarships, development assistance and health care we do seek with India. Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is the crooked politicos taking Indian bribes and selling the country down shit stream!!