Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best Wishes for Bijaya Dashami!

In keeping with the theme of this festival, may Good triumph over Evil in each of our personal lives as well as in our country and this world.

I started this blog as an "infotainment". I would like to modify its theme a bit. I would like this to be a forum for open and frank discussion on issues of the day - political, social, economic, cultural, religious and so on. It is, so to speak, the local chya pasal (tea shop) where we can drop by to shoot the breeze with friends as well as strangers.

I have noticed a reluctance on the part of many to post comments on this site, preferring rather to send me emails. I appreciate the emails, but your views would reach a broader audience if posted on this site and we could perhaps have vibrant discussions on these views. I know, talk is cheap. But talking on relevant issues stars the process for further thought leading to action - and we need lots of ACTION in this country today.



Govind said...

Hello Horatio,
Best wishes for Vijaya Dasmi from my side too-a bit belated though it may be.
I agree with you in making this site a common forum for airing ones views in all matters.
Are there any economists out there who can explain the economic crisis gripping the world markets and what if any repercussions it will have in Nepal.

HORATIO said...

Good to hear from you, Govind.

I second your request for the economists among us to explain, in layman's language, the looming recession. It sound ominous and I'm pretty sure Nepal will not escape the repercussions.

Best Wishes for Bada Dasin (almost over now)! Jai Pashupatinath! Jai Hindu Nepal!!

Anonymous said...

Hello I`m an armchair economist and a philosopher too.Let me in a nutshell explain the root cause of the present market meltdown.
Greed and deregulation by the State made the big investment banks "create" pseudo-wealth out of sub-prime mortgages-by packaging the loans,insuring them and selling them to other banks.
And finally when this had been going on for too long like in the Emperor`s clothes they realized there was no value in this debt and the banks went turtle! As Gandhi says "There is enough in this world for man`s need but not enough for his greed" When Enron went bust I had actually forcast such an event in the Economist-(not really!)

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way I forgot to add the implications for Nepal:less aid and loans and more tourists-as this is a cheaper destination!

HORATIO said...

Anon 8:17, thanks a lot. I doubt you are an "armchair" economist. Not sure if I understood you 100% - which means you are a "hardcore" economist. Sure wish I had taken more than ECON101 and a course in international trade in college.

It is a good thing though if we can multiply our tourist arrivals. Forget the loans, they are pocketed by the politicians/kleptocrats anyway. Now the trick s to provide accommodation and services to the 1 million tourists (hopefully) who should arrive this coming tourist season.

Hope to hear ideas from friends in the travel trade on this.