Thursday, August 27, 2015

Something Happened

Something happened last Monday, at a place I had never heard of, to people I did not know. There must have been many such incidents during the decade-long insurgency, but I never experienced the news first-hand as I was out of the country. I did not expect the force with which this incident touched my psyche. Sure, I love my country as much as the next person. Sure, what happened was an absolute mockery of governance, law and order and mob control. Every Nepali, without personal agendas, will likely agree.

Almost in a daze of anger and sorrow, I turned to FaceBook as an outlet for my feelings. Calling  for a military coup, posting u-tube videos supporting my feelings, exhorting young people to save the country, did I over-react? After all most of my posts are to FB friends, a measly 200 or so, quite a few expatriates and NRNs. Over-reaction or not, it was a catharsis of sorts. It helped me a lot, the situation not at all. Just a selfish act, only to help myself.

I am posting this rather personal statement as I try and revive my blog which has remained dormant for almost two years. I posted mainly my articles which had been published. It has been a ego trip of sorts. Not planning to publish anything now. Maybe just put my thoughts into the blog, not only personal ones like this one, but also addressed at the political and social environment.

Welcome back to the Chiya Pasal.


Kathryn Boyd Loftus said...

I think it is so understandable to be deeply affected by the tragic murders in Nepal. Seeking a solution in the written word can be effective as well as cathartic. You never know if you might just reach a person or group of people who will be motivated to find a so,union. It all starts with a grain of sand, and one person's voice in the chaos.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the encouraging words.

BTW, "infotainment by Horatio", the name of the blog, was conceptualized with both information and entertainment in mind; not much entertainment will appear though, the jokes I share probably not being suitable for a blog! Horatio, of course, is from Shakespear's Hamlet, where Hamlet tells his friend that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in his philosophy, a view I share.

HORATIO said...

Sorry, my previous comment appeared anonymously by mistake - meant to say Horatio, of course.

Subodh Rana said...

It was about time you came back. Now I can read intelligent, well-written pieces sipping my "Ilam ko Chiya".

HORATIO said...

Thank you. I shall try to be as informative and lucid as your blog,