Saturday, May 15, 2010

12-Point Proposal to UCPN-M

RGSD's Proposal to the UCPN Maoists in Nepal.

Aayo Gorkhali !! Jai Pachali Bhairab !!
Om Mani Padme Hum !!

Shri Sher Bahadur Gadtaula,
President, Rastrabadi Gorkha Seva Dal,

We at RGSD have welcomed the calling off of the political confrontations in Nepal. The Basantapur Peace Rally held last Friday; has been a historic victory for the Nepali people. The Gorkhali, Nepali people have once again sighed in relief and thanked the Gods and Goddesses for bringing about this understanding. Once again we wish to reiterate that we do not want any form of violence within Hindu Rashtra Nepal.

We humbly request all independent individuals, concerned citizens, responsible civic society members, private sector's professions and entrepreneurs, political parties and the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC), Confederation of Nepalese Industry, Nepal Bar Association, Nepal Medial Association, Media Society and Television Broadcaster's' Nepal to carry forward the people's agenda for permanent peace to it's logical conclusion.

Herewith, below are the "Twelve Point Proposal made by RGSD to the UCPN Maoist" and extend our hand in understanding and goodwill taking into consideration the interest of the Gorkhali Nepali nation and people. This is the exit strategy for a positve, permanent peace, national reconciliation and harmony amongst the people.

First Proposal:

Renouncing of all forms of violence by the political parties.

In the land of Lord Shiva, Enlightened Buddha Bhagavan, Jagat Janani Sita Mata, all forms of violence needs to be banned forever. Hindu Rashtra Nepal is a Zone of Peace declared and accepted by more than 120 nations around the world. The Nepali people wish to see national reconciliation, harmony , rule of law, and to live their lives in dignity, without fear, scarcity and hatred. Hence the first proposal we forward to the Maoists and to all the other political parties is that they must all renounce violence and swear in an oath for the establishment of permanent peace. If any of the parties fail to renounce violence they shall be declared enemies of the nation and people.

Second Proposal:

Dissolving the Constituent Assembly.

As the national leaders, political parties and the 601 member Constituent Assembly has failed miserably to carry out their promise and responsibility to the people, they must immediately dissolve the assembly. Also, we are amazed that not even one member has admitted their failure to fulfill their national duty. Not one leader has volunteered to return the salary for not having fulfilled the people's wishes.

Third Proposal:

Formation of a National Constitution Drafting Commission.

A National Constitution Drafting Commission of independent, capable, credible Nepalis living within and outside Nepal should be formed immediately. As the constitution-drafting process is critically important but so too are social harmony and communal acceptance, personal safety and well being, and livelihood to the average Nepali.The Constitution can be delivered to the people for endorsement through a national referendum as the political parties are unable to come to an agreement.

Fourth Proposal:

Reinstatement of Nepal as a Hindu Rashtra.

The majority of Nepali people all wish that their Nation be a Hindu Rashtra forever, No external force, foreign faith, foreign institutions and individuals can conspire to change the very identity of the nation. Declaration of secular identity of Nepal was done in secrecy and by conspiracy which the people have rejected.

Fifth Proposal:

Declaring all bandhs, hartals and civil unrest as illegal without a permit.

Banning of all bandhs, hartals and civil unrest that causes discomfort to the people and disturbs the peace. Designated areas for protests only after the issuance of a permit defining the time, place, reason and methods of assembly to protest will be allowed as in all civilized, democratic nations. Any destruction of public properties, national resources and infrastructure are criminal acts and sever punishment meted out and fines levied. Improvements in law and order must be prioritized and must remain at the forefront of governance provision regardless of which party heads the next coalition government. Security for all without fear and terror.

Sixth Proposal:

Collecting of donations, extortion's, fund raising by political parties, workers, leaders be banned.

All forms of extortion's, fund raising, charitable donations for political purposes made illegal and banned.
Any leader, party or political worker being involved in these activites will be permanently banned from holding public office and declared criminals.

Seventh Proposal:

The Maoist must return all the occupied lands, houses, business and vehicles.

It has been more than four years since the Maoist's signed the peace agreement and had made promises of returning the private properties the party has confiscated. Why have they not kept their words and acted in good faith. The Maoists must return all forcibly illegally occupied land, houses, business, vehicles and other public properties. These acts to be declared criminal and punishable by the full extent of the law.

Eighth Proposal:

Formation of a Nationalist Alliance to defend Hindu Rashtra Nepal.

All Nationalist political parties and institutions must join hands in unity to safeguard the Nations independence, sovereignty and Dharma. Without reconciliation, peaceful coexistent development is not likely in Nepal’s future. Reconciliation and rehabilitation and integration are crucial for Hindu Rashtra Nepal.

Nineth Proposal:

All Political Parties and leaders must severe their links with foreign governments and institutions.

No political leader or party shall have any link to any foreign government, INGo's, foreign agencies. Anyone doing ss shall be declared anti Nepali and anti people.

Tenth Proposal:

No obstruction to educational, commercial, industrial and social and religious activities.

Normal daily activities of schools, colleges, universities, industries, business, temples, social and religious functions, chad, parba, jatra cannot be disturbed by political leaders, parties. Anyone doing do shall be declared a criminal and punished and fined under the law. Formation of Industrial Security Force citing insecurity in individual and institutional term.

Eleventh Proposal:

All conversions to foreign religions be made illegal.

Any form of proselytizing, conversions, killing of cows shall be declared serious crimes and punished .
All foreign charitable grants, funds, must be declared and accountable to the public. All INGO's and local NGO's activities within the country must be made transparent and legal. All local NGO's must have their financial accounts audited and cleared for further extension of their permits.

Twelfth Proposal:

Protection and preservation of all national symbols and heritage.

All national symbols, icons, statutes, historical monuments, buildings, temples and cultural bodies to be protected from vandalism, destruction and violence. Anyone caught in vandalism, arson or any act of violence against the nation's symbols from the national flag to the temple shall be severely punished. The Nepali people will not allow any disrespect to our national icons.

The current political mess in Nepal was created by external forces who wish to destabilize our nation and carry out their secret agenda through some of our Nepali brothers and sisters, leaders, parties, ngo's, civic societies and individuals. This was the realization of Dollars, Euros and Rupees funded, raised abroad to carry out their war plans into Nepal.

The positive understanding of peace includes harmony, personal and/or communal well being, forgiveness and reconciliation, happiness, acceptance, and security. there will be no more tears and pain or suffering and death. This is the Gorkhali Nepali vision of permanent peace.

United we stand . Aayo Gorkhali !! Jai Kali !! Jai Sankhu Bhagawati !!.

Satya Mayeba Jayatey !! ॐ नमः शिवाय

Jai Pashupati Nath !! Jai Gorakh Nath Baba !! Jai Durga Bhavani !!

Sher Bahadur Gadtaula
Rastrabadi Gorkha Sewa Dal
New York

May 12th, 2010

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