Friday, February 5, 2010

High Level Political Mechanism - who's fooling who?

The Kathmandu Post editorial on 3rd February philosophised that "the HLPM should be viewed by PM Madhav Kumar Nepal and his colleagues as a venue where they can dissolve their differences with the Maoists amicably".

Well, pardon me, as if the Maoists have not been appeased enough! How "amicable" must the PM, and NC and UML, be with the Maoists? They have been bending over backwards since November 2005. Any more bending over will only have rather painful results.

The multi-party system and the Constituent Assembly are the legitimate venues to "dissolve differences" and arrive at consensus, not a supra-constitutional body such as the HLPM which is merely an instrument of a power-crazed old man and a power-hungry demagogue.

The HLPM is a mechanism composed of the leaders of the three major parties, to which the PM himself has been condescendingly invited. Kudos to the PM, for a change, that he has not joined any of this illegal junta's meetings. The sooner Messrs. Koirala, Dahal and Khanal realize that they are subverting democracy and fooling nobody, the better. Or else, to use the over-used cliche', they will indeed be the Three Idiots.

I had thought of writing my usual letter to the editor regarding this editorial. But the letters get so drastically edited that they lose their meaning. So I'll just stick to this blog.


Ko Ko said...

Well, this is to be when the three Bahuns can call the shots.

Self-selected few, it seems, can over-rule the elected many. And the comedy is that the Westerners and Nepali intellectuals think this is democracy.

Anonymous said...

Could it be Koirala's ploy to bag the Nobel?

Anonymous said...

Short, sweet and sensible.

Govind said...

I liked what you wrote about the three idiots at HLPM.
Maybe we all are even greater idiots as this country is being taken for a ride!!