Monday, May 4, 2009

What Is to be Done?

This is a layman's perspective on the events of the past two days. There are constitutional and legal analyses aplenty. One thing I can say right off is that these events are NOT based on constitutional validity or legalities. They are simply politics.

Prachanda had to ensure that he remained the leader of the Maoist Party. He therefore had to maintain his quixotic stand on sacking the Chief of Army Staff. His unilateral sacking brought down his government and he had to resign. The President was beseeched by 18 political parties to retain the CoAS. He did so in the best spirit of keeping intact the only security apparatus of the nation and to rebuttal the high-handed unconstitutional action of the Maoists.

Now the Maoist high command has declared that they will push for the CoAS's ouster in the streets and in government. They have further declared that a new government cannot be formed without their support. They have also termed the President's action unconstitutional. In effect, they have reverted to their rabble-rousing ways.

The next few days will probably see Maoist rallies all over the country and especially in Kathmandu. I doubt the police can keep the peace. Who else can? Obviously, the Army. The nation has reached this watershed to preserve its Chief. Let us see now if that Chief can direct the army to preserve the peace and security of the Nepali people.

The new government is apparently to be led by the United Marxist-Leninists, supported by the Nepali Congress, the 3rd and 2nd largest parties respectively in the Constituent Assembly. They will need the support of many other parties, not least the Madhesh-oriented parties, to form a government of national consensus. The Maoists should ideally support this "National Government" which can proceed with the drafting of the constitution - the main job of this CA. But Maoist "idealism" would perhaps prevent them from keeping the nation above petty party doctrines.

When Lenin wrote his pamphlet which was titled the same as the title of this piece, he knew what was to be done and did it. I wish Nepali "leaders" were Lenins, minus the Marxist flavour.


Anonymous said...

Horatio Nelson, I like the backdrop of your blogsite. Soothing to the eyes. Wish this political transition would be as easy on the eyes.But for sure no one will bet on this with the Maoists taking to the streets and gullies. Hooliganism will be at its peak. Recent events in many countries have time again shown that this sort of anarchy is one of the commonest things that happens with elections in dangerous places where the bottom billion ( we) of the world's population live.

HORATIO said...

Thanks for your comment, Anon 6:45, but this "Horatio" means "harbinger of truth" and has no connexion to Nelson, who albeit was a superb military tactician - something our nation needs direly, but on land not on sea!!

Govind said...

Horatio, let us not be so pessimistic .We have survived so far the up and downs of politics right from King Mahendra`s time to the Maoist-no one has ever witnessed history in the making like people of our generation!
Now that Maoists (at least its leaders)have indulged in the luxuries of life they will not go back to the jungle and moreover the massive support they initially had is not there.And the PLA is a pale imitation of its former self.So lets hope they will play politics in a gentlemenly way! I`m more worried about the army coup.

Govind said...


Anonymous said...

Govind ji - your days of Maoist sympathy is over. See below:

Anonymous said...

The video tape is real. Prachanda's styles of speaking clearly show he is a real crook. Who is other crook has to be found, Babu Ram Bhattarai or Mohan Pokharel Baidya, Kiran or Narayan Kaji Shrestha (RAW Agent)? From his face, it looks like he is hiding something. There might be something more. Who knows, he himself could be the one who intentionally made that video public to blame others as traitors. Don't believe Lenin's followers. To sustain as party leader he might have done himself.
If Nepal Army has made that tape public then it is also the crook not making that video pubic at the right time. Maoist would have finished during the CA. Nepal's Monarchy would have servived and Nepal would have remained Hindu Nation. If Congress or UML did that then they are the most opportunist parties in the whole world. We should immediately form ultra rightist force to finish them all at once.

Bishal Shah

HORATIO said...

Well it's time I put this particular blog to rest and write a new one soon. I am disappointed that so few people posted comments. Thanks Govind, Bishal and the Anons for the comments.

Last I heard/saw on TV, Prachanda gave his 'explanation' for the video. also declaring that the Maoists may very well head the next government too. Meanwhile their street protests continue and they have not allowed the CA to resume - thus not allowing the CA Chairman to read the President's acceptance of Prachanda's resignation as PM. So the latter is still ex-officio PM.

And the drama continues. A comedy of errors or a Greek tragedy? We wait and see.